Sunday, April 29, 2012


Maysville, WV fire brigade - old school



Barton -American fire pump
O2 Interceptor.... tasty

Paint spill

Holy java

Lonely Eyore

No caption needed

Fence down, fence down
Mt. Storm Lake coal power plant - provides electricity to millions in Northern Virginia


Coal to run the electricity generators

Mt. Storm lake misting with a view of wind farm

Empty trailer party
Virginia Power - Wind turbines

Turbine blade

In action

Wind farm

Wind turbines rising above tree line
Wind turbine art

Sunday, April 22, 2012

O'Hare Hyatt

Sun rays from Hyatt balcony - ORD
ORD landing

Happy hour


Resting bays
Landing platform
Colored glass


Angle Grinder Merit Badge - Club 1018 Demolition

Before - Concrete laundry sink against regular sink

Before - 2nd bathroom @ Club 1018. Old school toilet
Equipment removal

Concrete laundry sink
Empty bathroom


Post sledgehammer on concrete laundry sink
New laundry sink

New plummbing

Cherry blossoms 2012

Air Force Memorial - DC

Blossoms around Washington Monument - DC

Easter in King, NC - near Mayberry

Easter Moon- King, NC

Orange Moon

Rising Easter moon - speeding vehicles


Starry night

Starry night

Flora - Hanging Rock State Park

Shelton Vineyards

Vineyards of Shelton

Lime seeds in trapped in ice-water

Statue - Andy Griffith near Griffith museum in Mt. Airy

Statues - Andy Griffith and Opie outside the Andy Griffith Museum
Easter Dinner

Easter Dinner - citrus sallad

Easter candy and wine