Monday, August 27, 2012


International rose test garden - solo orange

International rose test garden

Mountains from the international rose test garden

Farmers market grub

Music man

Didjeridu apprentice

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Anyone need a lamp/light fixture? I have a few remaining


That last step is a doozie

I am here, day

and night....

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From Astoria, OR

Overview of the Columbia River and the town of Astoria

Astoria Column

North Head Lighthouse

Base crumble

Cape Disappointment lighthouse

Goonies house homage


light and dark


walk the line

must be how to get the essence of asphalt in you foods

nuff said

Cap at Sunset

Capitol steps, front side - sun on the way to set
Capitol, back side - cloud colors
Capitol, back side - lamp illumination

Purple water play

Green water play
Drainage - grill patters

Lazy day

I'm tired and this is all I can do to smile for the camera