Sunday, June 10, 2012

McMillian Sand Filtration Plant - decomissioned

Sand storage towers for the decommissioned water treatment plant.  National Basilica towers in the background.

More sand storage towers with the Howard University tower in the background. Ports with and without covers lead down to the actual water filtration volume. Clean sand was poured through these ports. Around the ports is a vast green space. 

Cracks in the port cover -looking like a sea horse

Towers covered in ivy

Ivy growing along the towers

Washington monument in the background

Port lacking cover

Relative size of the sand storage tower.  Entry tunnels to the filtration area

Piping under the storage tower where cleaned sand is released

Regulator houses control the flow of water through each filtration cell.

Inside the regulator building

Old school door and wheel

Filaments somewhat intact

Fuse box with analog counter

Transformers with ceramic pieces


Double yikes!!!

Lamp post above the entrance to on filtration cell

Entrance tunnels to filtration cell with damaged gate doors

Rusty hinge on gates

Broken open?

Filtration/cleaning cells. The process of slow sand filtration - water fills a cell that contains 2 feet of sand sitting at the bottom. The water percolates through the sand, which traps contaminants. When the water reaches the floor under the sand, it is clean. The water then exits the cell and is distributed into the city's pipes.

Amazingly - this was built with unreinforced concrete

Sooo coool..... Each cell is cavernously large

  Ports as seen from below. Soiled sand is hauled to cleaning station and returned to the storage towers

The ramp on the way out of the cleaning cells

Circular cobweb surrounds a hole in the cover

Ports are where clean sand was deposited back into filtration service.  Above is the green space. Staff of Ra-esque eh? Who is with me?

Light play

Light tasting

Attempt at old photography

Attempt at old photography- Washington monument


Mickey is a Dodge man, who woulda thought?

Dandelions cover the green space on top of the filtration space. Redevelopment ideas for this historical site can be seen at the link below

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